WhiteMetal Bearings

WhiteMetal Bearings

With over 35 years experience we are at the forefront of technology in the design, manufacture and repair of Whitemetal bearings and associated plain bearing materials. Supplying the requirements of our many customers, primarily in the mining, turbine generator, marine, electric motor, fan, pump and rolling mill industries.


Technoslide (Pty) Ltd has a flexible management and workforce, ideally suited to both batch production and the “one-off”. The company prides itself on its reputation for reacting quickly to the emergency situation so often encountered in today’s industrial environment. Bearings ranging from 25mm to 1800mm bore can be handled comfortably. For more information please complete our customer reply form on the “Contact Us” page.

Bearing Manufacture

Technoslide (Pty) Ltd supplies bearings for a wide variety of uses including turbines, gearboxes, fans, electric motors, diesel engines, pumps, compressors, in fact most applications which involve the use of rotating plant. In addition to the manufacture of plain journal bearings the company produces thrust pads and assemblies to both our design and to customer designs.

Bearing Repair

Many of our customers require their old bearings refurbished. Where speed of turnaround is of the essence our facilities are designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements and the company is justifiably proud of its performance in this area. At the same time there can be no compromise in the standard of service and the company adheres rigidly to the same quality procedures as in bearing manufacture.

Breakdown Services

We have the resources and facilities to ensure that your losses are kept to a minimum. Our emergency repair team offer you the fastest turn around of damaged bearings. Most bearings up to 250mm diameter are repaired within 24 hours. Manufacture of replacement bearings is regularly achieved within 72 hours.

Emergency Telephone-Nigel Clamp 083 635-7922


Repairing the bearing will return the component to service. Depending on the type of failure, further modifications may be required to prevent subsequent failures. Technoslide (Pty) Ltd provides a full diagnostic service for failed bearings. The causes of damage can usually be determined if a problem is discovered before catastrophic failure.


Technoslide is ISO 9001 accredited, for the sales, design and manufacture of bearings and associated product.