Sintered Products

Sintered Products

The base materials of iron, bronze, iron/bronze and other metals in powder forms are used to produce sintered components. This powder is formed under high pressure in dies, thereafter baked in a sinter oven at temperatures just below the melting point of the metals. According to the work condition, the bearings are impregnated with different types of oils or solid lubricants for the self-lubricating. Sintered self lubricating bearings are the ideal and economical solution for arduous applications.


  • Good wear resistance with lower friction
  • Low cost for large production
  • Can be machined again after installation if required
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • High speed with low noise
  • Different structures can be produced to customer specifications

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Available in the form
Straight sets, flange, thrust washers, and other non-standard parts and other products
Standard outside diameter tolerance r7,inside diameter tolerance F7