CSB-CR series materials have a backing of high strength glass fibre with epoxy resin and a lubricating layer of either PTFE wound fibre or special lubricating fibres. This structure performs an outstanding anti-wear feature with low friction coefficient under high load and low speed condition. This technology gives solutions for high load, abrasive, hostile applications.


  • The lubricating layer, which has very low friction coefficient, superior anti-wear feature and scratch resistance, is made by special PTFE fibre and high strength artificial fibre compound. It provides excellent self-lubricating features and good anti-wear feature during dry operation.
  • The backing material comprises of high strength epoxy glass fibre with excellent corrosion resistance properties.
  • The maximum dynamic load is 140Mpa and also certain impact load is permissible. It has good shock absorbing properties and self-align characteristics.
  • The material forms an effective solid lubricating film to prevent the bearing stick/slip phenomenon.
  • These electrical insulation non-metallic materials are75% lighter than steel and 30% lighter than Aluminum.
  • This filament wound composite bearing is suitable to be used at the frequently start and stop positions with rotating, oscillating and linear motion.

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