Whitemetal Bearings

Technoslide Supplies Top Quality Whitemetal Bearings

Whitemetal bearings are commonly used in industrial applications and in plain bearings.  Technoslide is a supplier of high quality whitemetal bearings.  We specialise in the design, development, production and marketing of whitemetal and other types of bearings for any application.

Inter-metallic compounds are wear-resistant and hard but they are usually brittle.  Pure metals, on the other hand, are soft and ductile but have a high friction coefficient.  Therefore, alloys are very advantageous, because they allow small particles of the hard material to be embedded in the ductile, tough background of a solid solution.  The soft material is allowed to wear slightly to bring the harder compound to bear, which actually carries the load on a bearing surface.  These wear patterns that form also allow for the little grooves and channels that provide space for the lubricant.  It is the presence of antimony in the bearing metal that provides for the hard-wearing cubic crystals.  Bearing metals always contain antimony and whitemetal is the name given to several alloys that may contain tin, lead, copper, antimony, zinc cadmium and bismuth.

In engines, main and big end bearings are usually made of whitemetal alloys, because the pure metal and inter-metallic compounds do not provide the ideal characteristics for a bearing surface.  Big end bearings often consist of a small amount of copper and antimony and over 90% of tin.  Main bearings may contain a little less tin but more antimony.  The combinations are carefully formulated based on the use of the bearing.

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