White-Metal Bearings

Bearings are components that allow for movement within a structure, machine, or machine part. On a small scale, they are commonly used to accommodate radial movement for small bolted parts such as gears. The inside ring of the component is bolted in place, while the outer ring is linked to the moving part. The bearing is the interface between the stationary and revolving parts. Similar concepts apply to the large-scale civil and white-metal derivatives as well. Technoslide offers a variety of services for these bearing types.

White-metal bearings is a Technoslide specialty. We have more than three decades of experience in designing, manufacturing, and repairing them. They are primarily used in mining equipment, turbines, and electric motors. We offer both one-off and batch production to suit our customers’ requirements and we give quick response to emergency situations. We can easily handle bore sizes of between 25 and 1800 mm to ensure fast turnaround. If you require refurbishing services, we can also help because, as mechanical parts that will eventually wear out, bearings require periodic maintenance to keep delivering optimal performance. Eventually, they need to be replaced entirely.

Bearing failures can happen when you least expect it, so we offer repair services to address failures and get the component back to working order. Should certain modifications be required to prevent a future failure, we can incorporate them. Our comprehensive diagnostic services will determine the reason for the failure, which is then addressed in the repair process. Causes of failed components are usually due to sustained damage over time. We can determine the cause of such damage being inflicted to the component before it leads to a costly failure.

Our business is ISO 9001-compliant to ensure the quality of our manufacturing, design, and sales of white-metal bearings. Therefore, you can trust us to deliver the necessary maintenance services for these components. We have an emergency-repair team that offers an impressive turnaround time on repairs or replacement. Bore sizes of up to 250 mm can be repaired within a day. Should a replacement have to be manufactured, it can be done within three days to minimise downtime for your business. In conclusion, we can deliver the necessary services for white-metal bearings to keep your components operating at optimal performance.

Technoslide is your answer to the manufacture, design, and repair of white-metal bearings for your business. For more info on how we can assist you, please contact us with any enquiries. Don’t wait until these components fail to find us. Choose us today for a comprehensive approach to bearing design, manufacturing, and repair services.