White Metal Bearings

Standard or Custom-Designed and Manufactured White Metal Bearings Available at Technoslide

White metal bearings are typically made of either tin-lead or tin-copper alloys. In some instances, traces of other metals can be part of their composition as well. These are Babbitt metals with a low melting point. As a result of this, they make the perfect material for the manufacture of plain bearings. White metal bearings are also often referred to as Babbitts. They offer great resistance to friction and consist of hard crystals inside a softer matrix.

The make-up of the bearing will determine which applications it is best suited to. For instance, marine diesel engines make use of tin-based Babbitt bearings, of which the lead content is minimal. This is done because tin-based bearings have up to four times the load-bearing capacity of lead-based white metal bearings. As a result of its impressive load bearing capacity, the tin-based white metal is used in crosshead bearings, guide shoes, camshaft bearings, thrust bearings, crankpin bearings, and main bearings.
White metals are typically soft and as such, often seem like a material that should be unsuitable for use in bearings, but this is not the case. The fact that the soft matrix contains hard crystals means that as the bearing is worn down, the crystals are exposed and the grooves worn into paths provide the ideal track for lubrication.

Technoslide specialises in the manufacture and distribution of white metal bearings. While we have a range of ready-to-buy bearings available, we can also custom-design and manufacture bearings according to your particular specifications. Whether you need to order bearings once-off or instead require large batch quantities on an ongoing basis, we have the facilities, capacity, and expertise to assist you. We produce a variety of bearings that are used in gearboxes, fans, turbines, electric motors, diesel engines, pumps, and compressors, and we also provide bearing repair services. If you experience a breakdown as a result of your bearings, we will also ensure that our emergency repair teams get your systems up and running as quickly as possible.

In terms of quality, all of our products and designs are ISO 9001-certified. Our focus is on product quality and affordability and we look forward to assisting our clients with getting the best products for their applications. If you would like to learn more about our wide range of white metal bearings, or if you want to discuss the custom-design and manufacture of such bearings for your unique applications, we are just a phone call or email away.