White Metal Bearings

Buy White Metal Bearings from Technoslide

Technoslide is a name and brand well known in the industry when it comes to manufacturing white metal bearings. The team is also reputed for its exceptional bearing design abilities. Technoslide has been providing its services and products to the market in excess of 35 years and provides a range of bearing types to the mining, marine, civil, structural and various other industries. Bearings can be found being used in electric motors, turbines, fans, pumps, generators and more and such, there has been quite a demand for a reliable and durable range on the market.

When it comes to experience, our team is certainly not lacking. We offer services and guidance from well-trained individuals and our team is capable of handling big and small repeat and once off orders. We work according to your specifications and needs – simply let us know what you need and we will make sure that it happens. When it comes to last minute orders, we assure our clients of our dedicated attention and will assist with these to the best of our ability.

If you are looking for bearings of various sizes, we offer the market just about any size bearing with bore measurements of anything between 25mm and 1800mm. We also offer our services for refurbishing worn or old bearings. Efficiency, accuracy and speed are required for this type of service, which are skills we definitely possess. If you would like added peace of mind, rest assured that we guarantee our workmanship and take great pride in the fact that our designs and manufacturing are quite literally flawless.

In the industrial world, damage to a bearing could cause in a total break down or shut down of a plant. This can result in major losses. At Technoslide we offer a prompt and efficient emergency repair service that will have your bearing replaced / repaired and your plant up and running again as soon as possible. Our professional approach to this service has earned us loyal customers for many years.

When it comes to priorities at Technoslide, product quality comes out tops. We believe that the only type of customer service you can give is the exceptional kind and we also want nothing more than to ensure that you are provided with access to a range of white metal bearings that simply impress you. Take the time to chat to us at Technoslide and browse through our extensive catalogue without delay.