White Metal Bearings

Design, Manufacture and Refurbishment of White Metal Bearings

Technoslide is certainly a company that needs no introduction to the industry when it comes to the design, manufacture and repair of white metal bearings. With 35 years of experience in the field, we are able to service the needs of our clients to perfection. Technoslide provides services to a variety of markets, including industries such as marine, electric motor, mining, turbine generator, fan, pump and so on.

Our team of staff members is dedicated, well-trained and experienced in the field. This means that we can take on repeat batch orders as well as once off orders – simply let us know what your requirements are and we will provide you with a quote and more information on how we can help you. Our team knows that there is often last minute or emergency orders in the industrial world, and we ensure that all of our clients know that we are prepared and willing to assist with these particular orders too. We can provide you with any sized bearing with a bore measurement from 25mm to 1800mm.

If you are looking for a refurbishment service on your old or used bearings, we’ll also be able to assist you, also ensuring that these tasks are handled with efficiency and speed so that you are not kept waiting for your much needed items. Our Technoslide team guarantees the same quality of workmanship in our refurbishment service as we offer for our manufacturing service. Providing well designed and flawlessly manufactured items is something that we are dedicated to.

In some industries, damages can occur to bearings and cause a breakdown in the general operations of the plant. We are able to offer our clients an emergency repair service to ensure that your plant is back up and running safely and smoothing in as short a space of time as possible. Any bearings up to 250mm can be repaired and ready to be used in as little as just 24 hours.

Product quality is vitally important for us at Technoslide – at the same time, the quality of our customer service is just as important. If you have any questions regarding our product range or what we have to offer, feel free to chat to any of our sales consultants. Invest in our range of white metal bearings and you can have the peace of mind that you are investing in a top quality product that offers exceptional value for money.