White metal Bearing

White metal bearings are made from white metal alloys, which can include tin, lead, zinc, and bismuth. Of course, each white metal bearing will contain a different combination of alloys, depending on the desired strength and other requirements. White metal bearings are beneficial in that they offer an extended service life under normal operating conditions. When it comes to excess momentary overloads, these bearings also perform well. When there is an alignment or lubrication problem, the white metal bearing can compensate with greater ease than other types of bearings.

The alloys used in white metal bearings are also called Babbitt metals. These metals have a low melting point and offer very good resistance to friction. The alloys included in the bearing makeup will determine what applications the bearing is best suited to.

Many people incorrectly assume that, because white metals are considered a soft material, that they are unsuitable for the manufacture of bearings. However, the soft material incorporates hard crystals which, over time, create groove paths in the material which, in turn, provide the ideal conditions for effective lubrication of the bearing.

Technoslide’s Extensive Experience with White Metal Bearings

Technoslide has over 35 years of experience in the industry. During these 35 years, we have gained experience in designing, repairing, and manufacturing white metal bearings. Most of our customers operate within the following industries: pump and rolling mill industries, mining, and marine, and our bearings are used in fans, electric motors, turbine generators, and many other machines.

We understand that bearings are required in may demanding industries. When specific products are required, or repairs are needed, a fast turnaround time is a must. In addition to a fast turnaround time, Technoslide can design, manufacture, and repair market-leading bearings without compromising on the quality of the end product. For the peace of mind of our clients,
we ensure that we manufacture bearings according to the ISO 9001 quality standards, for which we are certified.

If you would like to select from a range of the country’s most advanced and reliable white metal bearings available, take the time to contact us at Technoslide. You simply need to give us a call or send us an email to ensure that your needs and requirements are met and to be provided with a detailed, all-inclusive quotation. Why wait? Get in touch with a Technoslide representative today.