Where To Buy Sleeve Bearings

Where to Buy Sleeve Bearings on the South African Market

Do you know where to buy sleeve bearings in South Africa? While you might be on the hunt for a reliable supplier of various types of bearings, you may be finding that there are a number of suppliers offering a substandard product, but this is not the case at Technoslide. At Technoslide, we can provide you with access to these types of bearings at a cost-effective rate.

A sleeve bearing is a variant of a cylindrical ball bearing. The inside of the bearing has a single internal rotating cylinder which has earned it its name. These types of bearings are made from various compressed powdered metals such as copper or bronze. This also means that the material that they are made from is porous microscopically. Any oil applied to the outside surface of the bearing will thus be drawn into the bearing to lubricate it. Even though these particular bearings are self-lubricating, they often require a little additional oiling to keep them functioning smoothly.

These types of bearings are used in a large variety of every day applications, appliances and equipment such as office machinery, fans and even automobiles. This means that their availability is quite imperative to the smooth running of many businesses and they need to be readily available at all times, for convenience sake.

The fact that these bearings wear quite well, but do actually wear, means that you have to keep a close eye on them in order to ensure that they aren’t losing their shape, and their functionality as a result.

Technoslide forms part of an innovative group of companies that is focused on designing and developing plain bearing products and technology to the market. We encourage our clients to be in touch with us to discuss their needs and requirements. Thereafter we can present you with a quotation to consider. Take the time to chat to one of our friendly consultants at Technoslide and you will simply never look back!

At Technoslide, we are just the place to turn to if you are wondering where to buy sleeve bearings of a good quality, and at a good rate. Our range is designed from the best quality materials and we present only the finest of our products to the market. If you aren’t entirely sure which bearing you require for the job, simply let us know and we will ensure that you are provided with as much information and advice as you could possibly require.