We Supply White Metal and Civil Bearings

Bearings are components that are used in multiple products, machines, and structures. These components serve a simple and necessary function – enabling machine parts to rotate within a machine or allowing for thermal expansion on buildings and bridges. White-metal alloys are used to manufacture industrial-duty components for machines. These alloys are specifically used for their qualities that are aligned with their function. For civil components, different materials are used instead, such as rubber. The derivatives used in civil applications are usually flat.

Bridge bearings are placed between the piers and the deck of a bridge. The piers are placed to hold up the deck of the bridge and deal with the load of the deck. However, thermal expansion will cause the deck to expand and contract when exposed to heating and cooling cycles due to the weather. As a result, the expansion will push and pull on the piers holding the deck in place if they are directly connected. By inserting bearings between these two parts of the structure, the deck is free to expand and retract without placing undue strain on the piers. Therefore, structural damage is avoided.

Machine bearings allow components to rotate in the machine. Gearboxes are examples of how these components function. The gears inside the gearbox must be able to spin to allow the machine can function as intended. However, they are exposed to high levels of load and friction in such a machine. Therefore, they must be manufactured specifically for their particular applications. By using white-metal alloys, friction is reduced. These alloys also ensure the structural integrity of the bearings under load. With different ratios of lead, copper, tin, and antimony, many different alloys can be created for various applications.

We offer our expertise for both white-metal and civil bearings. We do the design, repair, and manufacturing of all the white-metal types. We can also troubleshoot them in the case of failures, change the design to avoid a repeat, and manufacture a replacement. Alignment problems and excessive friction are commonly to blame for faults and failures occurring but there may be many more reasons. With us on your side, you can expect an expert diagnosis and fast turnaround times for repairs and replacements.

Technoslide is your answer to industrial-duty white-metal and civil bearings. For more information on our available solutions, please peruse our website for details. If you need expert solutions for your business, Technoslide is the answer.