We Are the Bearing Experts

The industrial sector consists of businesses that specialise in both mechanical and civil engineering. Mechanical engineering includes the design and manufacture of industrial and commercial machinery. Civil engineering focuses on the design of structures such as bridges and buildings. Both make use of bearings in their designs. Structures such as bridges use them to cope with the movement caused by, amongst others, thermal expansion and contraction. Machines use them to allow their parts to rotate freely. We are experts in both these types and can offer you useful solutions and fast turnaround times.

Civil bearings are uniquely designed to be placed between two parts of a structure. A bridge typically uses such a component to provide a resting surface between, for example, the piers and the dock. Therefore, the part of the structure that deals with the loads from the ground can absorb any seismic activity. It also allows for the part of the structure that rests on the dock to expand and contract without compromising the integrity of the joint to the dock. These components are specialised and unique to this specific use. For machines, the application is different, but the function is similar.

White-metal bearings are made from white-metal alloys, mostly consisting of a combination of tin, copper, and lead. These are circular, as opposed to the linear design of their civil counterparts, and are used to allow for rotation within a machine. Gears and pistons are commonly used in machines to generate or transfer energy. Therefore, they need components that allow them to rotate freely within their confines for the machine to function correctly. White-metal alloys are usually used to manufacture these bearings.

We offer design, manufacturing, and repair services for white-metal bearings. We also offer design and manufacturing solutions for the civil derivatives. Our repair services include a diagnosis of the failed component to determine the cause of the fault. Once the cause is established, the component can be repaired with the necessary improvements to avoid a recurrence of the failure. Therefore, the enhanced component will perform better and be more suited to its application. Alignment also plays an important role in component failures. By identifying such a problem beforehand, failures can be avoided.

Technoslide is your expert in white-metal and civil bearings. We can ensure quick turnaround times on the repairs of machine components, as well as batch and one-off design and manufacturing solutions. For more information on how we can assist your business, peruse our website for details on our services. Choose us today for all your industrial-bearing needs.