Tilting Pad Thrust Bearings

Tilting Pad Thrust Bearings – Just One of Many Types of Thrust Bearings on the Market

Thrust bearings are specific types of bearings that are based on the design and functionality of your typical rolling-element bearings. Just like all other bearings on the market, their main function is to support rotational movements between two parts. They are most often required to help in the support of axial loads.

At Technoslide, we offer specialised tilting pad thrust bearings to the market, which are just one of the types of thrust bearings available on the market. Let’s take a look at the thrust bearing variety, as well as some of the other types of thrust bearings that you can expect to encounter:

  • Tilting pad thrust bearings – these are used in low thrust applications where the support of an axial load is required.
  • Cylindrical thrust roller bearings – these bearings are often cost effective and offer very good carrying capacity. They need to be maintained and watched though, as they can wear quite easily.
  • Fluid bearings – these bearings offer a low drag, as a result of a thin layer of pressured liquid that supports the axial thrust.
  • Magnetic bearings – with these bearings, a magnetic field is used to provide support to the axial load. These bearings are ideal for use in applications that operate with very high speed or have a requirement for a very low drag.

At Technoslide, we put 18 years of experience in the industry to good work. Not only do we manufacture a range of standard bearings for the market’s consumption, but we also design and manufacture unique and custom bearings based on the specifications supplied by our clients. Regardless of what type and size of bearing you are looking for, we can assist you!

The Technoslide bearing range is extensive and the quality of our products is absolutely guaranteed. We understand that bearings need to be manufactured from top-quality and durable materials, and that a selection of bearings needs to be made available, so that the correct ones for the job can be chosen. We also help our clients with selecting the right bearings for machinery, equipment and applications.

If you would like to learn more about our extensive range of tilting pad thrust bearings, take the time to contact us at Technoslide. We are available via email and telephone, and look forward to assisting you with finding the right product for the job. For the best bearings on the market – choose Technoslide today!