Tilting pad thrust bearing

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Tilting pad thrust bearings have the responsibility of handling and transferring high axial loads from a rotating shaft. Their design allows them to do this without excessive power-robbing friction and with fairly simple installation and maintenance. These bearings are designed with varying diameters that range in size from 20 mm to 1000 mm. Tilting pad thrust bearings are quite exceptional in terms of handling capacity. In fact, each bearing is designed to handle a specific maximum load that can range from 0,5 tonnes up to as much as 500 tonnes. This does not mean that you cannot get bearings of other sizes and handling capacities; it simply means that those bearings are considered custom-designed and must be specifically made up. This is something that we specialise in.

The make-up of a tilting pad thrust bearing is unique in that it consists of a series of pads supported by a carrier ring. The bearing’s pads can create a hydrodynamic film as each of them can tilt independently and freely. Depending on the bearing itself and the intended application, the carrier rings can be in a single piece or in halves, and at different location arrangements.

Lubrication must be provided for tilting pad thrust bearings. You can opt to flood the housing of the bearing or you can opt for a bearing that directs oil lubrication to the bearing thrust face and then drains out from the housing.

Tilting pad thrust bearings are used in a wide variety of setups, including gear applications, shaft systems and many other industrial and manufacturing applications. They are also often used in hydro power plants.

Technoslide’s Range of Tilting Pad Thrust Bearings

We specialise in the design, development and production of a wide variety of bearing products and technologies. We strongly urge those looking for standard tilting thrust bearings as well as those looking for specially designed bearings to chat to our technical team to learn more about your options and the costs involved. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients the type of service that guarantees attention to detail and precision manufacturing and design. We also make sure that we can offer this service at a cost-effective rate without skimping on the quality of the final product. We consider this the Technoslide way.

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