Tilting Pad Bearings


When you compare tilting pad bearings with plain bearings, the difference is quite clear. Plain bearings have a fixed geometry, which is quite different to that of tilting pad bearing. Fixed-geometry bearings have to contend with a variety of destabilising cross-coupling forces, whereas tilting pad bearings never suffer this plight. Tilting pad bearings are exceptionally robust and this is one of the many reasons why they are so popularly used in applications where optimal rotor dynamics are demanded. As a result of the pads of the tilting pad bearing being able to rotate, these bearings are ideal for allowing radial misalignment of the shaft.

Tilting pad bearings also display superior stability when compared to plain fixed-geometry bearings. Tilting pad bearings are mostly used in high-speed and medium-to-high load applications. Each bearing’s load capacity is affected by the temperature generated in the oil.
Factors that affect this include the size of the bearing, the material used to manufacture the bearing, the lubricant used, and the configuration of the pivot. Simply put, the tilting pad bearing is able to tolerate and perform in applications where alignment variances exist.

Tilting pad bearings have a unique geometry, and their clearance and movement specifications make it possible for a convergent wedge profile to be created. As the shaft rotates, the lubricant is pulled into the gap that narrows in the rotational direction. It is the pressure that is created that makes for a running clearance between the rotating and stationary materials. While tilting pad bearings are very reliable and offer superior performance, they must be regularly checked and monitored to ensure that they are operating correctly and at their rated capacity.

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