Tilting pad bearing supplier

For dependable operation in medium- to high-load applications, top-quality tilting pad bearings remain the preferred choice for many because of their increased support area. They are capable of accommodating axial loads, and they make it possible to adjust to differing conditions throughout their operation envelope. Tilting pad bearings’ total load capability is determined by the oil temperature.

To control this, there are numerous design specifications that can be selected. This includes bearing size, material choice, and lubrication theme, to name only a few. Of course, if you would like all the information at hand to arrive at a well-informed decision, partner with a top supplier of tilting pad bearings in South Africa.

This is exactly what you receive when you choose to partner with us for all the tilting pad bearings you need for your project. Our team of dedicated industry professionals works hard to offer our clients all the information needed to make the best decisions regarding their pad bearing requirements. Let us do the same for you.

Enjoy Access to Industry-Leading Tilting Pad Bearings in South Africa

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