The Purpose of Civil Bearings

Bearings are components that allow for movement within a structure or machine. Normally, they are used to allow parts to rotate within a machine. A rotating part that is attached to a bearing can rotate freely on its axis while staying in place. This is necessary for a wide variety of machines that use rotating parts, such as gearboxes, large clocks, and turbines. Bearings are also used in civil-engineering structures such as bridges, allowing for linear movement between two parts of the structure.

Civil bearings, also referred to as bridge bearings, are commonly installed between the piers and the deck of the bridge. They are used in other types of structures too. Whenever a structure must deal with varying loads and unexpected forces, these components allow movement between the parts of the structure. The movement absorbs these loads and relieves the stress on the structure itself to avoid failure. Therefore, if such a structure is dealing with unexpected loads, such as seismic movement, the moving parts allow for them.

This concept of part movement is applied in various forms, with an ideal example being the suspension system of a vehicle. By allowing vertical movement, the suspension system allows the wheel to move freely in a predefined plane. The structure of the vehicle stays intact as the suspension accommodates any necessary wheel articulation. Bridge bearings have a similar function. They are installed between the piers and the deck to allow for movement between the parts when necessary. If your business needs a manufacturer of such components, we can be of service. We offer a variety that is specifically aimed at the civil sector.

We can do the design and manufacture of civil bearings for your business. They can be uniquely designed to suit the structure perfectly. As there is no standardised sizing, it can be challenging to find a component that would fit on the market. Luckily, we have the experience and expertise to design and manufacture such components from scratch. Therefore, you have the peace of mind that the component is designed for the specific structure, which will optimise its performance. As a result, your structure will be ready to handle all the loads it was designed to.

Technoslide is your solution to industrial bearings. We can design and manufacture white-metal and civil derivatives to suit the needs of your business. For more information on how we can supply you with the necessary services in our area of expertise, please contact us today. Let us take care of all your needs with our effective solutions.