Structural Bearings

Technoslide Designs And Manufactures Structural Bearings

Technoslide is a designer and manufacturer of structural bearings for the civil industry.  Structural bearings need to be able to bear the weight of a structure, yet allow for movements that may be caused by several factors.

Structures may experience movement simply due to the forces acting upon them by the loads they are designed to carry.  Other factors that may cause movement are shrinkage, thermal expansion, creep, earth movement and the elements, like wind.  The bearings installed in structural supports are selected to accommodate the type of movement anticipated in that specific structural joint.  Some bearings allow for horizontal (longitudinal and transverse) movement only, while others have to be able to accommodate vertical movements as well as rotations about one or more axes.  This reduces edge loading, eccentric loading effects and other forces that act on the structure.  If structural members cannot move freely as designed, stresses build up, causing spalling, cracking and eventually, complete failure of the structure.

Strip bearings are often used in structures like parking decks, roof structures, large supported slabs, long buildings and reservoirs, supporting loads of up to 300kN.  Our Type BKR bearings accommodate movement of 3mm either way.  These bearings are made of a continuous strip of expanded, compressible polyethylene into which a series of synthetic rubber pads are set.  Strip bearings accommodate movement of up to 10mm.  Where a bigger range of movement is required, other types of suitable structural bearings are available.

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