Structural Bearings

The Various Types of Structural Bearings Available on the Market

Structural bearings are those used in concrete and steel structures in civil engineering projects. These bearings are designed to allow a certain amount of movement between the structures’ various components. This is to ensure that there is no pressure or stress building up, which could otherwise result in collapse or damage to the structure. Movement of a civil structure can be caused by a variety of factors such as thermal expansion and contraction, post tensioning strain, earth movement, live load deflections and even permanent creep and shrinkage.

The bearings that fall into the structural category are typically called elastomeric and plain sliding bearings. The primary function of these bearings to ensure that resistance forces against these required movements is minimised effectively. Advanced materials and modern manufacturing make it possible for us at Technoslide to present a range of quality and reliable structural bearings to the market.

For fairly small rotations and movements, there are 3 main structural bearings on our catalogue:

  • BA Type – these bearings are ideal for low friction sliding movements in either one or two directions. They do not provide much in terms of rotation movement.
  • BAR Type – these bearings offering unlimited sliding movement and a limited amount of rotation movement. They can only be used in operations where there is an ambient temperature.
  • BR Type – these bearings cater to short to medium structures and are laminated rubber units. The number of laminations on these units will dictate the limits on rotation and movement. These bearings can also only be used in operations where there is an ambient temperature.

At Technoslide, we offer elastomeric bearings that are suitable for bridges and structures of a similar nature. Our range is designed to provide sufficient support and relieve pressure and stress experienced by the structure during certain movements. We make sure that there is a catalogue available for download on our website where you can learn more about each type of these bearings and their unique specifications.

The Technoslide brand has been around since 1988 and we have been working tirelessly over the years to constantly improve on our range. We provide our products to various industries including mining, marine, petrochemical, iron and steel, automotive and materials handling markets. If you are in the market for structural bearings and want to learn more about our product range, get in touch with us at Technoslide today. We will ensure that you are offered top quality products at affordable rates – guaranteed!