Steering Systems

Technoslide is a franchised agent for German Schottel steering systems for marine applications.  Schottel also manufactures other leading edge control systems, which are distributed by Technoslide as well.  In terms of our Schottel steering systems, a large range of products is available, from sophisticated remote controlled and computer-aided joystick systems right down to the simplest manually operated mechanical steering wheels on the unit itself.

The dawn of microelectronics has brought with it considerably enhanced operational reliability and today, it is widely used in marine steering systems for ultimate ease of use combined with dependability.  Shipmasters now have access to these advanced systems and finely honed tools to help them manoeuvre and position their vessels accurately, safely and easily.

The Schottel Rudderpropeller (SRP) is widely used and has been an industry-leading steerable propulsion system for many years.  The underwater components in this system may be rotated through 360 degrees, enabling the skipper to use full propulsive power to manoeuvre, steer and position his vessel.  The Schottel Twin Propeller (STP) works on the same principles, but it uses twin propellers that rotate in the same direction.  The twin propellers mean far lower loads per propeller and efficiency gains of over 25 percent.  It also maintains full 360-degree steerability, but adds valuable operational reserves in terms of the maximum power that may be transmitted and the propellers’ resistance to cavitation, due to the lower load per propeller.

Technoslide’s computer-aided designed control and steering systems have been type-tested and service-proven over many years.  We are the innovators in steerable propulsion.  Contact us for more information.