Sliding Bearings


Most steel and concrete structures need to accommodate relative movement between structural members. This is done to avoid the build-up of dangerous stresses that may occur. There are many reasons for this type of movement, including thermal expansion and contraction, live load deflections, and many others. It is necessary to minimise resistance moments and forces that result from these movements, which is where structural bearings come into play.

Structural bearings, such as sliding bearings, minimise resistance most efficiently, using firmly established concepts that are combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. It is done through exploiting the unique low-friction properties of polytetrafluoroethylene, combining it with the durability, versatility, and flexibility of natural rubber.

BA Type Sliding Bearings

There are various types of structural bearings suitable for relatively small rotations and movements, including the BA type, which provides a low-friction sliding movement in a couple of directions. It does this through polytetrafluoroethylene sliding on stainless steel that has been mirror-polished. The second is the BAR type, available in a load range of 30 to 250 kN. It provides a useful, although limited, amount of rotation, in addition to the unlimited sliding movement. Keep in mind that these sliding bearings are only intended for use at ambient temperatures.

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