Slide Bearings

The Basic Functions of Civil Bearings

Civil bearings, also referred to as slide bearings, are commonly used when constructing medium to large structures. These components allow for thermal expansion and contraction, separating the structure from its supports by being inserted between the parts and allowing the structure to “breathe”, as it were. As you can see, the civil variant is much different from the conventional component that is made from white-metal alloy. The machine variants are round and allow for radial or rotational movement within a machine.

We offer solutions in terms of both civil and machine bearings. We are specialists in the white-metal type, offering design, manufacture, and repair services for your business. We handle a wide variety of bore sizes as well, ensuring that you have reliable solutions with fast turnaround times to keep the gears turning. When it comes to the civil type, we are talking about components that allow structures to slide on their supports. Since most such structures are exposed to the elements, thermal expansion and contraction will occur naturally all the time. If the movement that this causes is not accommodated, the structure can fail because of it.

Civil Use

When a civil engineer designs a bridge, they ensure that the necessary piers or support structures are in place to hold the weight. Some bridges are designed to hang, while others are supported from below by piers. When a structure is directly and physically resting on another supporting structure, civil bearings are normally added between them to allow the supported structure to “slide” to a limited extent on its supports. In the case of a bridge that is supported by piers, the bearings will be inserted at the connecting locations between the piers and the deck.

The function of such slide bearings is to physically separate the piers and the deck from each other. The result is a bridge deck that can expand and contract without causing any structural damage to its piers. Should the piers and the deck be solidly connected, the piers would move with the deck when it expands, which would cause damage to them. Once damage is caused to the supporting structures, the bridge can collapse. Therefore, it is pivotal to ensure that the structure is allowed movement when it expands.

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