Slide Bearings for Construction Purposes

Slide bearings are used to accommodate structural expansion for construction purposes. They are unique and different from their conventional industrial white-metal counterparts. They accommodate linear motion as opposed to rotational motion. Many industrial machines utilise the white-metal variants to allow different components in the machine to rotate without excessive free play and with the minimum of friction – gearboxes are prime examples of rotational movement within a closed machine. Construction bearings, on the other hand, are differently designed and for different applications altogether. We can supply both types.

The design of bearings is simple, yet very efficient. Since these components are regularly used in a variety of applications, you need a business that can manufacture, supply, and repair them. Our solutions are ideal to ensure quick turnaround times and minimal downtime for machines utilising the white-metal types. We can also supply your business with construction variants that are designed for a linear slide motion instead. Today, we will discuss their function and how they are incorporated into a structural design for optimal efficiency.

Bridge Slide Bearings for Structural Expansion

Some bridges are built on the concept of the deck resting on piers to allow for thermal expansion. The piers support the weight of the deck of the bridge. The deck is designed to handle the loads that will be applied by vehicles crossing the bridge. Therefore, the deck and the piers are not one piece but work in synergy to create a platform for crossing. Slide bearings are placed between the piers and the deck. They allow the deck to thermally expand and contract without weakening the structure or placing undue strain on it because the deck can move independently of the peers.

Slide bearings are not manufactured from white-metal alloys, which would be the case for their industrial counterparts. Rather, they are manufactured from materials such as rubber to grant structural movement on a linear plane. Therefore, in the case of the bridge, the deck is allowed to expand and contract without transferring these loads to the piers. The result is an efficient way to prevent structural damage due to thermal expansion. This solution is used in many designs of large structures and we can supply these components for your business as well.

Technoslide is your supplier of both white-metal and slide bearings. For more information on how we can assist your business, please browse our website for details on our variety of products and services. Choose us today and let us be the answer to all you need in terms of industrial bearings.