Sleeve bearings

Need Sleeve Bearings? Find Them Right Here at Technoslide

Do you make use of sleeve bearings in your industrial applications? Sleeve bearings are different to other bearings. Sleeve bearings may also be called bushings or journal bearings. These types of bearings are used to control and to guide, they reduce friction in linear or rotary applications. Most other types of bearing, such as the ball bearing or self-lubricating bearing, function by means of a rolling action, but sleeve bearings function by means of a sliding action. This is what sets them apart from other bearings. There are many benefits to making use of sleeve bearings. First and foremost, they are compact by design, inexpensive to buy, and lightweight too. Even though they are small and lightweight, they are built to carry the load that they are rated for and will do so reliably, without letting you down.

A sleeve bearing typically has a cylindrical shape, but unlike many other types of bearings, like conical ones, sleeve bearings have straight inside and outside diameters. There are various types of surface materials used in the manufacture of sleeve bearings. Some use oil-impregnated hardwood for agricultural system applications. It is also common to find sleeve bearings that use self-lubricating molten graphite and metal. It is important to use the correct bearings for your application. Take the lubrication requirements and the bearing material into consideration when shopping around.

We understand just how important it is for you to have access to top-quality sleeve bearings. Durability and strength are vitally important and these are things that we don’t compromise on. You will find that we have sleeve bearings in a variety of sizes and diameters and we are available to provide helpful advice and guidance so that you can choose the right bearing or selection of bearings for your particular needs. In addition to sleeve bearings, white metal bearings, we also have civil bearings, which includes the likes of pot bearings, elastomeric bearings, plain sliding bearings, line rocker bearings, strip bearings, pipeline bearings, and footbridge bearings.

If quality, competitive rates and peace of mind are important to you, Technoslide’s range of sleeve bearings is just what you need. We welcome you to spend some time discovering our extensive bearing selection. All you need to do is get in touch with us to discuss your needs and requirements so that we can present you with a range of viable bearing options. Simply give us a call or send us an email for more information today.