Self Lubricating Bearings

What to Expect from Self-lubricating Bearings


Self-lubricating bearings certainly have their place in many markets and for good reason. In the industrial markets, these bearings are used to operate heavy machinery and therefore must be relied upon to operate effectively at all times. Bearings of this type typically have their own lubrication incorporated into the material from which they are manufactured. The lubrication is usually powdered graphite.

There are many reasons why one would make use of such a bearing in machinery. You can, in fact, find it being used in a variety of industries, including the mining, marine, petrochemical, iron and steel, civil, automotive and materials handling industries. Some of the basic advantages of such bearings are obvious. For starters, the fact that these bearings require no lubrication means that there is a reduction in operating costs and automatically, the machinery requires less in terms of maintenance. When it comes to friction, self-lubricating bearings handle it well and offer great resistance performance.

These bearings are also great for acquiring mechanical accuracy, as they are quick to respond and absolutely efficient each and every time. These are also the ideal bearing to use if you want to reduce operation noise or reduce vibrations of machinery.

If the self-lubricating bearing interests you and you want to find out more about it, then we, at Technoslide, would be delighted to help. We consider ourselves pioneers of technology, and use the latest methods and systems to ensure that our products are of the best on the market. We are compliant with all industry imposed ISO standards, and also ensure that each and every bearing to leave our shelves is in an excellent condition.

Since we opened our doors for business in 1998, we have been striving towards becoming a leading supplier of bearings in South Africa – and now that dream is being realised. We encourage all of our clients and potential clients to chat to our consultants, to discuss their needs and requirements. This way, we can present you with a range of viable options to compare and consider.

At Technoslide, composite self-lubricating bearings are one of our key focuses. If you are looking for a range of these bearings to invest in, take the time to get in touch with us at Technoslide. We look forward to ensuring that your applications and projects go ahead without a hitch, with the use of our products and services.