Rubber Moulded Fenders

Technoslide Supplies Rubber Moulded Fenders For Marine Use

Rubber moulded fenders are used on boats and piers to protect boats from damage as they dock.  Essentially, a fender is a bumper that protects boats from damage through bumping into each other and into other types of fixed obstacles.  Through our Technomarine division, Technoslide supplies moulded rubber fenders for marine use.  Owners of historic boats may sometimes still use the old woven rope type of fenders but most modern fenders are moulded from plastic or rubber and filled with foam or air.

The bases of bridges, canal entrances and many other fixed obstacles routinely approached by boats are often fitted with permanent fenders.  These fenders are typically made out of rubber from old aircraft tyres.  Aircraft tyres are extremely tough and durable and fenders moulded from this type of rubber have a long service life and offer superior resistance against breakdown, the effects of sun, wind and rain and, of course, salt water.  This is because aircraft tyres are manufactured to very high standards to withstand extremes of temperature, load and shear stresses.  Tugboats in particular are fitted with rows and rows of rubber fenders for all-round protection.

Over and above the rubber fenders, Technoslide also designs and manufactures bearings for all manner of industrial, automotive, civil, structural and marine applications.  Through Technomarine, we also supply marine propulsion systems, MAK engine spares and Orkot marine bearings.

Technoslide and Technomarine are specialised suppliers of bearings, marine products and rubber moulded fenders.  We also offer other products and services.  For more information on these, contact us