Rubber Bearings

Technoslide Supplies Top Quality Laminated Rubber Bearings

Rubber bearings contain layers of laminated rubber that allow movement within the limits of the shear forces that the rubber can withstand.  These bearings allow movement in all planes (longitudinal, transverse, horizontal and rotation about both axes).  Technoslide can supply laminated rubber bearings for different civil structures.

Technoslide’s rubber bearings conform to the requirements of BS5400:1983 Parts 9A and 9B.  Although this is a conservative standard, we still recommend that bearing samples be tested to verify results, especially where stiffness and deflection properties are critical.  Deflections, movements and forces interrelate and these can be substantially affected by the practical limitations of production variables.  The shear deflection of a rubber bearing’s rubber layers exerts a reactive force on the structure roughly in proportion to the extent of the movement.  The permissible shear strain that the rubber layers can withstand will ultimately decide the bearing’s capacity to allow for movement and rotation.  These types of bearings allow a convenient and simple way to allow for structural movement in various planes.

Our BA- and BAR-type bearings can accommodate transverse horizontal forces of up to 15 to 20% of the vertical load where a longitudinal guide is provided within the bearing.  Our BR-type of bearing can resist some or all of the horizontal, wind and rotation forces that act upon it.  However, we recommend that the one end of the structure span is horizontally restrained to its support by using steel dowels with dowel caps that permit rotation.

An entire range of laminated rubber bearings is available from Technoslide, each model with a different load capacity.  For more information, contact us today.