Propulsion Systems

Technoslide maintains an advanced level of research and development in order to implement innovative solutions and optimise our existing product lines.  This also holds true for the state-of-the-art marine propulsion systems for which we are franchised agents.  These marine propulsion systems are available in many derivatives, including the basic paddles, oars and sails, as well as propellers, experimental magneto-hydrodynamic drives and water jets.

Water jet marine propulsion goes by some alternative names, like hydrojet and jet pump systems, but they all work by displacing water to move the vessel forward.  Ultra Dynamics (previously known as Dowty Waterjets) manufactures and supports our UltraJet range of propulsion and control systems and these products benefit from fifty years of water jet experience.  UltraJet systems are widely used in commercial, military, paramilitary, pleasure craft and passenger craft applications.  Ultra Dynamics is a company based in Great Britain, but they also have a manufacturing plant in Columbus, Ohio, in the USA.

We also act as agents for Schottel, a German marine propulsion system manufacturer.  Schottel supplies a vast range of propulsion products and some of these include rudder propellers (whereby the underwater components can be rotated through 360 degrees, offering full propulsive thrust for manoeuvring) and transverse thrusters.  Other lines that are available include pump jets (optimised to enable installation in flat-bottom hulls too) and controllable pitch propellers that feature a robust design and simple structure for an extended service life.

Contact Technoslide today for marine propulsion systems of the highest international standards.  We also develop, design, produce and market plain bearing and related technologie