Plain Sliding Bearings

Technoslide Provides Structural Plain Sliding Bearings

Plain sliding bearings usually allow for a smooth sliding action in one or two directions only, and not for rotation, or for very limited rotation.  As such, plain sliding bearings are often used in concrete structures where a certain amount of movement is anticipated.  Technoslide provides a whole range of sliding bearings for applications such as these.

Our BA range of bearings is normally used in structural applications where only a plain sliding action is required.  These bearings only allow for a very limited amount of rotation.  The bearings are designed for a load range that vary between 100 and 2 500kN.  The bearing surfaces are usually made up of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) that slides on a mirror-polished stainless steel surface.  PTFE has an extremely low friction coefficient.  High temperatures may also be accommodated through the use of special materials; in these cases, we use CSB10 metal-backed PTFE instead.  We even supply bearings that operate reliably at temperatures above 250 degrees Celsius, depending on the materials we use in their design and manufacture.  Our BAR range is not really regarded as plain sliding bearings, as they do allow for some rotation.

Many concrete structures like bridges experience movement between their members.  The movement may be due to the load placed on the structure, thermal contraction and expansion, earth movement and the elements.  If the mounts of these structures do not contain bearings that allow free movement, stresses may occur that could cause structural failures.

Let Technoslide design plain sliding bearings for your specific requirements.  Contact us today.