Plain Bearing Design

Professional Plain Bearing Design at its Best

Plain bearing design takes more than just a little bit of knowledge in the field. Those who take on this task will need to be skilled professionals as precision and accuracy is required. This particular item is the simplest form of bearing that is available on the market. The unit consists of a surface with no actual rolling elements. They are lightweight and compact units that are able to support quite heavy load. The way in which these are designed will depend greatly on what type of motion is required.

There are three types of motions required by the units that will affect how it is actually designed as follows:

  • Journal – these are radial, friction or rotary bearings. It requires a simple design where a shaft rotates within the actual unit.  These are commonly found in railroad car systems.
  • Thrust – these are required where the surface of the unit must accommodate a force that is axial to the actual shaft. They require a more complex design than Journal units.
  • Linear – these units are used where a linear motion is required. A circular bearing and shaft system is often seen in this particular case.


Regardless of which of these types of units you require, you can expect for us at Technoslide to be able to offer you the very best that the market has to offer, at a competitive rate. We make use of the latest technology and the finest materials to design, manufacture and even repair our products. We are also always adding to and improving on our range so that we can offer you exceptionally designed products that simply will not let you down.

We manufacture our products in accordance to the SABS ISO 9001 quality standards which guarantees that you will be provided with reliable items that offer absolute value for money. We have been serving the market since 1998 and are always available to provide our clients with a professional service and the undivided attention that they deserve. If you require some information and advice on each of the available units before making your purchase, our staff members will ensure that you are provided with exactly that.

Take a few moments to browse through our product listing and request a quotation for products that would best suit your needs and requirements. You are bound to be absolutely impressed by our rates and customers services too. Plain bearing design is our speciality at Technoslide – allow the professionals in the field to attend to your every need.