Pipeline Bearings

Technoslide Supplies Pipeline Bearings To The Civil Industry

Pipeline bearings are required at the joints where the pipeline rests on its supports.  A fixed joint cannot be used, because pipelines are subject to movements and these pipeline bearings are especially designed to allow for these movements.  A pipeline is dynamic structure and experiences many different loads and strains, hence the movement.  Examples include internal temperature and pressure changes within the pipeline, live load deflections imposed by the load the pipeline transports, post-tensioning strain, wind strain, shrinkage, creep and earth movement.  These movements can cause fractures and failures in the pipeline if not allowed for.

Technoslide’s Glacier DU© bearing material is ideal for pipeline support bearings.  It is a composite material that is made up of a steel backing strip that is clad with a porous, sintered, copper-lead layer.  This layer is impregnated with a Teflon (Polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE) mixture.  The resultant bearing material exhibits an extremely low coefficient of friction and offers very little resistance to movement.

The proper functioning of pipeline support bearings is also dependent on good joint design and it will depend on the type of attachment used.  More than one bearing may be used, but it is imperative to ensure that all bearing surfaces are perfectly parallel, to ensure that the pipeline and ducting can move freely, even while the bearings support its fully loaded weight.  In some cases, both vertical and crosswise constraint is required at the bearing supports.

Technoslide can supply you with pipeline bearings especially made up to your specifications.  For more information on all our different bearings and services, feel free to contact us today.