Pipe Line Bearings

Technoslide Can Supply Pipe Line Bearings

Any type of pipe line is always subject to movement.  Therefore, the pipe line bearings used at the pipe line supports should be designed to allow for this movement, else dangerous stresses may develop at these supports.  Pipe line bearings are intended to support the pipe line and all the associated ducting, yet at the same time offer very little resistance to movement.

This movement may be the result of several factors.  The pipeline may be subject to many external movements and forces, while a substantial degree of movement may be brought about by internal pressure variations.  The pipe line will expand and contract thermally and may have to contend with earth movements.  There may be creep and shrinkage, as well as temperature variations.  Of course, the load deflections imposed on the pipe line by the load being transported is one of the most important factors.  All these influences may collectively cause significant linear movement in the pipe line.

The type of bearings that Technoslide supplies for pipe line supports make use of a composite dry bearing material called Glacier DU© comprised of a steel backing strip that is clad with a sintered, porous, copper-lead layer that have been impregnated with a PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) mixture.  This ensures extremely low friction qualities and allows the pipe line to move freely on its supports.  Of course, various methods of attachment are used and in cases where more than one bearing is used, it is imperative that all sliding surfaces area parallel.

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