Our White-Metal Bearing Solutions

Bearings are components that are used in all manner of machinery and structures. They allow for movement between parts in a structure or machine. In machines, the movement is usually those of revolving parts, allowing gears to rotate on their axes without moving out of position, for example. For structures such as bridges, civil bearings are used to allow for linear movement between parts of the structure. They are designed into a large structure to relieve structural stresses. They also help to absorb unexpected forces that could be caused by seismic movement or overloading.

White-metal bearings are made from white-metal alloys; these include zinc, bismuth, lead, and tin. They also commonly contain a combination of alloys to optimise their functionality. Under typical operating conditions, these alloys offer a long lifespan. They can also handle overloading more efficiently, making them a top choice for businesses working with large machinery. Their alignment compensation is another factor that makes them stand out from their rivals in the industry.

Bearings come is a large variety of sizes, depending on the specific application and the machine in which they are to be used. We offer our services in manufacturing, repairing, and replacing white-metal bearings for your business. Derivatives that range between 25 and 1800 mm in diameter fall within our ambit. However, since they are mechanical devices, they will have a finite operational lifespan. Failure can have catastrophic consequences if not anticipated or handled correctly. This is where we come in, delivering fast turnaround times and identifying the problem that caused the failure.

With decades of experience in this field, we can easily identify any factor that could have caused a white-metal bearing to malfunction or fail. Depending on the problem, we can address it by manufacturing a new version that fixes the previous one’s shortcomings. In most cases, misalignment is the killer of such a component, causing it to wear excessively and unevenly, eventually leading to its failure. With fast turnaround times, you can expect us to have a replacement ready within a short time to address the issue and avoid any subsequent, similar part failures. Therefore, you can have the peace of mind that your machine will deliver better performance with the new component installed.

Technoslide is your answer to heavy-duty white-metal and civil bearings. Our solutions can deliver a feasible product for your business as well. For more information on how we can manufacture and supply such components to fit your requirements, please peruse our website for details on our services.