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White-metal bearings are components that allow parts to rotate within a machine. Rotating or spinning parts such as gears and pulleys are used to transfer torque to the components of the machine that require it. There are many other examples of rotating parts within a machine that require bearings to ensure that they function as intended. Therefore, you need a solution for white-metal bearings to ensure that, if one fails, you can immediately address the problem. This will limit the possible damage that could be caused to the machine and it will ensure that you get the machine back to working condition in short order.

White metals are alloys that mainly consist of three types of metals. These metals are tin, copper, and lead. Dependent on the function of the bearing, the alloy is formulated in the right composition to optimise its performance for specific jobs. The light- and medium-duty derivatives used in internal-combustion engines consist mostly of tin, with a small addition of copper and antimony. For general-purpose, heavy-duty applications, a bit of lead is added as well. The lead increases the plasticity of the alloy.

Heavy-duty marine engines and electrical motors require components that have certain characteristics. Therefore, the white-metal alloy that is used to manufacture bearings for these machines features more than 25% copper that is mixed with 60% tin. The rest of the alloy consists of antimony and a very small amount of lead. Low-cost general-purpose types mostly consist of lead and tin, with very small percentages of copper and antimony added to the alloy. As a result, they are ideal for medium-duty applications. Mechanical components are susceptible to wear and failure and you need a supplier that can manufacture and repair such bearings. Alignment problems and excessive friction can cause these components to fail. This is where we come into the picture.

With more than three decades of experience working with white-metal bearings, we offer quality designs, manufacturing, and repairs to ensure that your business thrives and your machines keep running. When a component suffers a malfunction, we can do a diagnosis to determine the fault and repair or replace the malfunctioned bearing with an improved one. Therefore, you can have peace of mind that the replaced component will operate better than before.

Technoslide is your first choice for anything regarding white-metal bearings. We can design, manufacture, and repair these components quickly and with top-quality results. For more information on how we can assist you, please peruse our website for details.