Orkot Marine Bearings

Orkot Marine bearings

Orkot  Marine Bearings, is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of bearing materials to the shipping and marine industries. Supported by an extensive global network of manufacturing plants, agents and distributors including Technoslide, Orkot Marine Bearings are able to offer the highest levels of quality of service associated with a leading global company. Part of the Trelleborg group of companies, Orkot  Marine Bearings have been active within the marine and shipping industry for over 25 years.

Orkot TLM Marine is an advanced, reinforced polymer material incorporating solid lubricants. The material has exceptional wear resistance and virtually no swell in water, providing dimensional stability. Orkot® TLM Marine tolerates edge loading and misalignment even with the heaviest loads. Orkot® Marine Bearings are installed with an interference fit. Bearings are normally freeze fitted using liquid nitrogen but can be press fitted or resin chocked as required. Where there are extended periods without lubrication, such as upper pintle bearings under light ballast conditions, Orkot® TLM Marine proves especially effective.

Orkot TXMM is an advanced reinforced, medium weave polymer material incorporating a unique low friction-bearing surface, which greatly reduces the coefficient of friction. This unique combination of materials gives Orkot� TXMM excellent mechanical strength with exceptional wear resistance and virtually no swell in water providing exceptional dimensional stability. In areas without lubrication, such as upper wicket gate/guide vane bearings, the Orkot TXMM marine bearings material has been especially effective in eliminating slip-stick problems associated with dry running conditions. For further information regarding Orkot Marine Bearings, contact Technoslide on +27 (0) 11 605 2434