Oilite Bearings

Bimetal bearings are made from an alloy of two metals, chosen for their specific properties. Besides the bimetal bearings that we supply, Technoslide designs and manufactures and entire range of bearing products for the civil, automotive, marine, materials handling and many other industries. We have been proudly supplying the best bearings since 1988.

Technoslide’s CSB450 bearing is a steel-backed bronze alloy-lined bearing. We can manufacture the working surface with an oil groove for better lubrication upon request. Our CSB850BM bearing is a metal-backed bronze metal bearing with graphite-lined bearing materials and special copper alloy sintered layers that contain uniformly dispersed solid lubricants. Another alloy bearing is the CSB850S, which is metal-backed and utilises bronze alloy graphite oilless bearings. For some applications, a bronze-graphite alloy bearing is suitable for a specific purpose; the graphite acts as a dry lubricant while the bronze adds the durability, heat dissipation properties and strength.

In addition to these bearings, we also design and manufacture composite self-lubricating bearings that utilise bearing materials such as steel bronze powder, Teflon, bronze powder, lead and stainless steel. Our plastic compound bearings are economical, self-lubricating bearings that are made of resin with fibre added as a base material. They are made by injection moulding.

Technoslide has been manufacturing the best composite and bimetal bearings in South Africa for over twenty years and we put a very high premium on quality, customer service and long-term relationships with our suppliers and clients. We offer many bearing products and we even have a whitemetal bearing repair service. For more information on Technoslide and the services and products we offer, contact us today.