Metagliss Self-Lubricating Friction Plates and Bearings

Metagliss products consist of self-lubricating friction plates which can be used in and for a variety of applications in various industries. When shopping around for these on the market you will find that you can purchase standard sized options as well as have unique or customised plates made up for you according to your specifications. These are designed from drawings or plans that are provided directly from the client. If you are looking for Metagliss plates or bearings then we at Technoslide can certainly assist you.

At Technoslide we take great pride in stocking only the best quality products made from the finest materials available on the market. This product is generally manufactured from sintered porous bronze which is obtained from powder metallurgy. If these plates are going to be used continuously in an oily or even hydrodynamic condition then they can be impregnated with special oils for the best possible use. They can also be coated with molybdenum disulfide.

Where are these plates most often used? As mentioned, they are used in various industries including transportation, agriculture, general mechanics, automotive and Aerospatiale to name a few. Regardless of what the intended use of the plate or bearings, we at Technoslide can offer you a product that is designed to last. We are dedicated to ensuring that you are provided with only the best and with this in mind we will ensure that the products we sell to you are quality and safety tested so that you can have complete peace of mind.

Technoslide started from humble beginnings in 1998. We have since been working hard to extend and improve on our range. Our products and services include the likes of design, manufacture and repair of white metal bearings, the design of structural bearings, provision of self-lubricating bearings and fibre reinforced polymer bearings and so on.  While we are situated in Johannesburg we can provide our services to most areas within South Africa.

When looking around for the best supplier of Metagliss plates and bearings we at Technoslide are the team to approach. Chat to our sales staff about your requirements and we will ensure that you are provided with as much product information and advice as is required for you to make the right decision. We can also provide you with a detailed quotation in order for you to compare rates. Waste no more time – find the best rates and top quality products with us at Technoslide today.