Marginal Bearings

Technoslide Supplies Top Quality Marginal Bearings

Marginal bearings are ideal in applications where lubricant cannot be applied frequently and easily.  Therefore, marginal bearings are often used in applications that involve intermittent boundary lubrication only, or intermittent operation.  Technoslide supplies marginal and other types of bearings for many industrial, automotive agricultural and other applications.

The automotive manufacturing industry uses marginal bearings in vehicles’ steering and suspension linkages, driveline joints, kingpin assemblies, chassis hinges and, in the case of heavy vehicles and trucks, in the articulation joints and stub axles.  These bearings also find many applications in agriculture, where they are used in the assemblies of steering idler box bearings, axle pivot bearings, kingpin assemblies and wheel caster swivels of agricultural implements and equipment.  The machine tool manufacturing industry uses them in the guide plates of multi-ram presses and in spindles for milling, grinding and drilling machines.

Technoslide’s CSB 22 product features PVDF marginal bearings with a steel bronze powder.  The sintered bronze power provides for excellent heat conductivity away from the bearing surface and contains the special resin mixture that is used; the low-carbon steel provides the strength, heat dissipation properties and excellent load carrying ability.  The resin is extremely wear-resistant, even when no lubrication is added.  It also features a 2-micron copper plating for superior corrosion resistance.  The bearing surface has a pattern of circular indents that are filled with grease when the bearing is assembled.

Technoslide provides marginal bearings of the best quality for many applications in the automotive, agricultural and machine tool building industries.  For more information, contact us today.