Kilcher Bearing Strips

Kilcher Bearing Strips Manufactured & Distributed by Technoslide

During construction of various structures and buildings, designers and engineers need access to Kilcher bearing strips. A Kilcher bearing will allow load transfer and movement of a structure depending on the stress and strain it is exposed to. The Kilcher bearing is manufactured by means of a patented fabrication technique and is actually a two-part bearing.

The load bearing capacity is quite high and a direct result of the materials that are used in the manufacturing process. You can expect such bearing strips to handle as much as 36t/m and 30mm of movement in custom designs – that’s quite impressive! At Technoslide, our standard Kilcher bearing strips cater to around 10mm of movement and bearing capacity of approximate 300kN/m.

Where are Kilcher bearing strips commonly used? At Technoslide, we manufacture Kilcher bearings for use in construction joints typically in concrete buildings or bridges. This is done to ensure that the structure can creep and shrink naturally without posing a threat to the structure and its components. It can also minimise stress between a structure and a supporting column by ensuring that the required natural movements experienced are possible and well supported.

All of the Kilcher bearing strips that we manufacture are designed according to the BS5400 9.1:1983 principles and standards. This particular design ensures the ultimate performance from bearings and also enables structural designers the opportunity to incorporate durable resistance and support in the structural planning and designs.

At Technoslide, our main priority is providing our clients with simple, cost-effective solutions, and we have earned ourselves a reputation for doing exactly that. We present a range of ready-made bearing products to the market, but if you need something custom designed and made, we can do that too. We are dedicated to precision and product excellence. All of our bearing products are checked and re-checked for flawless design and production. We only use the finest quality materials and do whatever is possible to ensure that the end product meets with your expectations. If you need any advice and guidance with choosing the right bearing for your application, simply ask.

With the help of Technoslide, you can have complete confidence that your structure or building is well supported, sturdy and strong. If you would like to learn more about our range of Kilcher bearing strips, we encourage you to get in touch with us at your earliest convenience. Give us a call or send us an email – we’d love to assist.