HSR Bearings

Technoslide Can Supply HSR Bearings

HSR bearings are plain bearings for shaft sizes typically between 50 and 400mm.  HSR bearings supplied by Technoslide are commonly used in electric motors, pumps, blowers and fans; in fact, in any machine where flange-mounted or freestanding bearings are required.

An HSR bearing assembly typically contains a split construction, plain, horizontal journal bearing.  Shaft location is achieved by using plain thrust faces.  Oil is scavenged from an oil sump by an oil pickup ring to lubricate the bearing; cooling is by air.  Floating labyrinth seals are used at both sides of the HSR casing.  The entire assembly may be supported on a centre or end flange or it may be base mounted.  Depending on the customer’s requirements, several design features may be incorporated into the design of the HSR bearing assembly.

For an increased safety margin and higher thrust levels, tilting thrust pads may be incorporated in the taper or plain land thrust faces.  For heavy start-up loads, hydrostatic jacking may be called for and lubrication by external pressure will allow higher speeds and greater loads.  Where air cooling’s safe limits are likely to be exceeded, additional water cooling may be incorporated in the design.  Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE, or Teflon) may be bonded to the bearing housing to improve insulation.  Pad journals that tilt are available for use in machines that run at higher speeds at low vibration levels; these applications may also call for four-lobe or lemon-bore profiles.

Contact Technoslide today if you need HSR bearings.  We also design and manufacture many other types of bearings, like whitemetal bearings, laminated rubber bearings and bronze bearings.