High Temperature Bearings


Some applications require high temperatures to operate efficiently. These applications require bearings that can withstand extreme heat without it negatively affecting the unit’s performance or durability. At Technoslide, you will find a wide range of high-temperature bearings that can maintain their full performance even at temperatures in excess of 1300 °C.

High-temperature bearings are typically manufactured from ceramics and stainless steels that are heat-stabilised. Another way to ensure that high-temperature bearings perform well in high-temperature applications and environments is to use high-temperature lubricants, such as PFPE (perfluorinated polyether).

Applications for High-Temperature Bearings

High-temperature bearings are not required in all applications. You will typically find them used in the following types of applications: furnaces, carpet-drying ovens, brazing ovens, food-baking ovens, paint-drying ovens, rubber-curing ovens, turbines, and similar. Of course, there are many more applications where high-temperature bearings are required. When shopping for high-temperature bearings, it is important to find bearings that comply with ISO standards and standardised dimensions, like those of grease-lubricated bearings. By doing so, you can achieve great cost-savings and increased production efficiency by simply changing to the right high-temperature bearings.

These bearings are manufactured to provide a solution to the common problems presented in high-temperature applications. While temperatures and rotation speeds are important considerations, when investing in products to provide good service in these types of environments, one must also consider their impact on the environment. High-temperature bearings are manufactured and supplied without the need for preservative oils and are operated with no need for added lubrication, so the environmental impact of these bearings is considered far less than that of other lubricated bearing types.

Benefits of Changing Over to High-Temperature Bearings from Technoslide

When investing in the right high-temperature bearings from the Technoslide range, you can expect the following benefits:

Reduced operating costs.
Minimal maintenance costs (in most cases, maintenance-free bearings are available).
Unhindered performance in a variety of environments, such as hot or dry environments.
Less negative impact on the environment.
Order High-Temperature Bearings at Technoslide

If you are looking for a range of top-quality high-temperature bearings to invest in, you have come to the right place. We manufacture and supply bearings according to the specifications and requirements of our clients.
We make use of only the finest quality materials when manufacturing bearings and have an extensive range that is specifically created for use in industries and environments where high temperatures are experienced.

When it comes to high-temperatures, we offer a variety to choose from, such as deep-groove bearings, insert bearings, and ball bearings. To learn more about our range, take the time to contact us via email or telephone so that one of our friendly and knowledgeable consultants can assist you.