High Temperature Bearings


All bearings available on the market are purpose-designed. A bearing that works well in one application might not perform too well in another. It is important to select the right bearing for the job to avoid potential malfunction during operation. One particular bearing that people look for is one that can operate well even in a hot environment. In high-temperature applications, bearings that can withstand heat are essential.

High-temperature bearings are designed to withstand extreme heat with no compromise on durability and performance. Some bearings are designed to perform at their best at temperatures that exceed 1300 °C! When shopping around for high-performance, high-temperature bearings, keep the Technoslide range in mind.

What you can expect when investing in Technoslide high-temperature bearings:

Lower operating costs, as the service life of our high-temperature bearings is exceptionally long.
Minimised complexity of machinery.
Exceptional performance, even in dry environments or in applications with low rotational speeds.
The range of high-temperature bearings are available in standard formats that are compliant with ISO standards, but custom-designed bearings are also available.

Types of Bearings for High Temperatures

When choosing a bearing of this type, the heat of the operating environment and the operating speed of the machinery must be taken into account. The market caters to three main types of bearings in the high-temperature application range and these include:
Deep-groove ball bearings;
Y-bearings (inserted bearings); and
Complete Y-bearing units.
While no relubrication of these bearings should be required while in operation, it is quite important that these bearings are corrosion-resistant. If you are working in the food industry, or where the bearing may come into contact with food products, a food-grade lubrication of acceptable quality must be used.

At Technoslide in Johannesburg, we present a wide selection of bearings to the market. These bearings are designed to work at peak performance in some of the highest temperatures encountered in industry. If you have an application that you need bearings for and you are not sure which one is best suited to the job, simply chat to one of our expert consultants who can furnish you with product information, as well as a wealth of information and advice regarding the best types of bearings for the job.

If you would like to learn more about our extensive range or receive a quotation for bearings that can be used in high temperatures, take the time to contact us via email or telephone at Technoslide today.