Graphite Oilless Bearings

Technoslide Supplies Graphite Oilless Bearings

Alloyed and unalloyed graphite oilless bearings are popular types of plain bearings.  Sometimes a bronze-graphite alloyed bearing is preferred, with the graphite acting as the dry lubricant and the bronze adding durability, strength and superior heat dissipation properties.  Unalloyed graphite oilless bearings are sometimes preferred in other specialised applications, like where the bearings would be submerged in water.  Technoslide is a specialised supplier of all types of alloyed (metallic) and non-metallic self-lubricating bearings.

Some of these metallic oilless graphite bearings include the CSB250, which is a cast iron and graphite bearing and CSB650, a cast bronze and graphite bearing.  The CSB850BM model has a bronze metal back with graphite-lined bearing materials and its sintered layers are made of a special copper that has its solid lubricants uniformly dispersed.  CSB850S’ construction is metal-backed and it uses bronze alloy oilless graphite bearings.

Grease and oil are not always the best lubrication media and lower friction coefficients may be obtained using oilless bearings with vapour-deposited coatings or dry film lubricants.  Many different compounds are used in oilless bearings, each with their own distinct advantages and disadvantages.  Graphite’s flat, thin, crystalline structure is a good conductor of electricity and heat and sticks strongly to metal surfaces.  Used as a lubricant, it enables metal surfaces to resist seizure even when subjected to extremely high loads.  It is also relatively inert and unaffected by alkalis, solvents and acids.

Technoslide’s graphite oilless bearings reduce friction to below even that of oil-lubricated bearings.  Contact us if you require more information.