Glycodur Bearings

Glycodur bearings are a range of self-lubricating, lead-free bearings with a Teflon mixture. They exhibit excellent thermal conductivity and dimensional stability. These bearings come in the several ranges. The “A” bearings feature a relatively thick polyxymethlym (POM) top layer with tiny indented pockets meant for grease lubrication. They are relatively unaffected by misalignment and resultant edge loads.

The A type features a copper-plated steel base and a sintered tin-bronze layer to which the POM and Teflon are solidly joined. The AB type of sliding bearings have a 0.4mm POM top layer, allowing for boring or turning for the final machining of the sliding surface on installed bushings. This eliminates possible misalignments and achieves very small operating clearances.

The F type has a steel base and a 0.2-0.4mm layer of porous tin-bronze is sintered to it; this layer’s pores are filled with Teflon and other friction-reducing additives during a rolling process. An identical top layer, 5-30µm thick, forms the running-in layer. The F range optimally combines the lubrication and sliding properties of a Teflon mixture with the mechanical properties of sintered bronze. Good thermal conductivity and dimensional stability is the result.

Technoslide supplies these Glycodur bearings in addition to a host of other bearings and bearing products. We design, manufacture and repair whitemetal bearings too. We also design and manufacture structural and civil bearings and we can supply fibre-reinforced polymer bearings, specialised bronze bearings and self-lubricating composite bearings. For more information, contact us today.