Glacier Bearings

Technoslide Shares The Heritage Of Glacier Bearings

You might have known about Technoslide far longer than you might think.  If the name Glacier Bearings rings a bell, you may be surprised to learn that Technoslide has been doing business since 1967.  During those years, Glacier Bearings belonged to the T&N Group, but they had sold the business to Federal Mogul in 1998 and Glacier ceased to trade under that name.  However, so passionate were some key senior management staff and other Glacier employees about the business, that they went their own way and founded Technoslide in 1998.

So here we are, still manufacturing the best bearings you can find and more successful than ever, with branches not only in KwaZulu-Natal, but also in Gauteng, with an international office in Worksop, England and three factories, all of them in Gauteng.  We have maintained Glacier’s core values, which are excellent service and the commitment to forge long-term relationships with our stakeholders, clients and suppliers.

Rather than resting on our laurels, Technoslide invests heavily in research and development to bring new, innovative products to the market and to continuously improve our current product line.  We manufacture and repair whitemetal bearings and we also supply elastomeric bearings, strip bearings, pot bearings, pipeline bearings, line rocker bearings and footbridge bearings.  In addition, we can supply specialised bronze bearings, self-lubricating composite bearings and injection moulded plastic compound bearings that are fibre-reinforced.  We are also proud to be associated with other famous brands and we act as franchised agents for Glycodur bearings, Orkot marine bearings and marine propulsion systems made by UltraJet and Schottel.

For more information on how Technoslide upholds the proud tradition of bearing manufacture established by Glacier Bearings, contact us.