Glacier Bearings

Top Supplier of Glacier Bearings in South Africa

If you are looking for one of the leading suppliers of glacier bearings in South Africa, then allow Technoslide to offer you the best products available on the market. Our fierce focus on customer service has helped us to grow into one of the foremost suppliers of a variety of different types of bearings in South Africa.

We have nearly twenty years’ experience providing South African industry with quality products and services which include:

  • The design, manufacture and repair of white metal bearings
  • Compose of self-lubricating bearings
  • Design and manufacture of structural and civil bearings
  • Fibre re-enforced polymer and
  • Specialised bronze bearings


Our head office is situated in Johannesburg however we distribute to and service the entire South Africa. Key South African industries and sectors that we service include the mining, marine, petrochemical, iron and steel, civil, automotive and materials handing industries.

Our commitment to developing and harbouring long term relationships with our suppliers and customers, we are able to provide our eclectic clientele with affordable and cutting edge, competitively priced products. Many of our clients benefit from our key industry relationships with various role players and take advantage from our strong relationships with suppliers and manufacturers. This is just another reason why it makes sense to opt for Technoslide for all your glacier bearings.

We are also committed to effecting transformation in South Africa. We are a level 4 B-BBEE contributor with 100% BEE procurement recognition. We have also continually heavily invested in our equipment and plant so as to be continually able to present products and introduce new ones to the industry in order to remain relevant. Our bearing manufacturing is carried out in three factories in the Johannesburg area.

Our factories operate on QA systems, which is entire compatible with ISO9000 recommendations. We are also regularly audited by Bearings Technologies. Our manufactured bearings are suitable for a wide range of uses, including:

  • Gearboxes
  • Turbines
  • Fans
  • Diesel engines
  • Electric motors
  • Compressors and pumps, to name a few.


We are able to custom make and assemble thrust pads to customer design and requirements. This is just another way we strive to offer you a complete solution to all your bearings needs. If you are looking for an affordable, dependable and professional manufacturer and supplier of bearings who is committed to customer service excellence and satisfaction, then allow us to meet all your glacier bearings needs.