Feroform Bearings and Their Uses

There are various types and grades of feroform on the market. This particular product is made from composite material that has been woven and fibre bonded with resin. The process to making such a product is quite complicated and must only be handled by professionals in the field. This can be used in environments where high friction levels are expected. When looking at the various uses of such a product you will notice that it is quite useful on railways, vacuum pumps, compressors, insulators, marine applications and so on.

These types of bearings are considered a good investment as they show excellent wear characteristics, resistance to chemical damage, durability and strength. These bearings also offer high thermal stability as well as dimensional stability. It is important to choose your grade of bearing according to the application. F grade is used for dry applications, while T and PR grades are suitable for both dry and wet applications where the bearing might be submerged.

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