Ferobestos Bearings

Ferobestos Bearings for Various Applications

Plastics, resins and fibres haven’t always been accepted as suitable engineering materials. In the past 10 years bearings made of these materials have come a long way and the industry has seen ferobestos bearings becoming a sought after and trusted product on the market. At Technoslide we manufacture and supply a range of these bearings to the South African market. We make use of only the finest quality woven fibre, bonded with resin to manufacture this composite material. At Technoslide quality is a top priority for us and we will go the extra mile to ensure that our product range is nothing less than reliable.

What are these bearings used for? These bearings are used in environments and applications where friction is present. You will find grades on the market that cater to use in dry applications as well as those where the bearing will be submerged in water or exposed to moisture. When choosing which product to purchase for the task, remember to chat to the professionals to be advised on which are best suited to your specific situation.

At Technoslide we are dedicated to producing top quality products and offering our clients competitive rates. In an industry where bearings are required, the peace of mind that the product being used is durable and able to withstand many hours of use and wear is essential. Our products will certainly not let you down and we will happily provide you with as much information as you require about each of our products before you make your final purchase.

Our business was founded in 1998 and we have spent the past few years working on making our services and products the absolute best that they can be. We have quite a name for ourselves in the industry and those who want to have quality and value for money guaranteed, turn to us and remain loyal. Our head office is situated in Johannesburg and we serve the surrounding areas with dedication. All of our products are manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality standards and guidelines.

Technoslide offers ferobestos bearings to the marine, petrochemical, mining, automotive, materials handling industries and markets. These bearings are designed to withstand working for long hours in harsh conditions without falling victim to negative wear and tear effects. We encourage our clients to chat to us about their requirements and the applications that these bearings will need to be used in, before they make a final decision about which products to invest in.