Elastometric Bearings

In the construction of most large concrete or steel structures, some sort of allowance has to be made for relative movement between structural members in order to steer clear of the build up of potentially dangerous stresses. There could be a number of different causes of this movement:

  • Expansion and contraction due to temperature changes
  • Permanent creep or shrinkage
  • Post tensioning strain
  • Deflections due to live loads
  • Earth movement or wind strain

One of the ways of minimizing the strains and forces caused by these movements is by using structural bearings, including elastomeric bearings. Technoslide manufactures a whole range of elastomeric bearings, which are made up according to the customer’s requirements. These bearings provide the desired function and are manufactured using the latest technology and advanced materials.

The basis of an Elastomeric bearing is a natural rubber pad to which steel plates are vulcanised on both sides. The bearing can be built up by adding a number of steel and rubber layers, this number being restricted by considerations of stability. The resulting bearing is then enclosed by a rubber outer layer, which increases the bearings resistance to ageing caused by external influences. The range of bearings includes elastomeric plain pad & strip bearings and laminated bearings, which are currently used on hundreds of structures such as road and highway bridges. Reinforced elastomeric bearings are made of chloroprene rubber or natural rubber. The resulting structural component can absorb vertical loads, horizontal movements and rotations around all axes. Call us at +27 11 605 2434 for any further information regarding these bearings.