Elastometric Bearings

Technoslide Can Supply Elastomeric Bearings

Elastomeric bearings are commonly used in the civil domain in attachments between members of large structures.  These bearings must allow for a degree of movement between the members.  Movement may be caused by permanent shrinkage or creep, the elements, earth movement, thermal expansion, post-tensioning strain and load deflections.  Technoslide can manufacture elastomeric bearings according to clients’ exact specifications.

An elastomeric bearing is built on a natural rubber pad basis that has steel plates vulcanised to both sides.  More steel and rubber layers may be added, according to the specification to which the bearing should be made and its intended purpose.  The entire bearing is then enclosed in a rubber outer layer to protect it against the elements and against ageing.  These bearings can accommodate horizontal movement and rotation about all axes, while absorbing great vertical loads.

Many different types of elastomeric bearings are available, including laminated bearings (typically used on bridges), strip and plain pad bearings.  These bearings can be made of natural rubber or chloroprene rubber.  We invest heavily in research and development to improve these bearings even further and to bring new, innovative bearing products to the market.  Our BR range of laminated rubber bearings is especially popular for use on medium- to short-span structures and in the nominal load range of 200 to 3 000kN.  These bearings are suitable for ambient temperatures only and the movement they can accommodate depends on the number of laminations used.

Contact Technoslide for elastomeric bearings of the highest quality.  We also supply all other types of bearings, like bronze bearings, white metal bearings and oilless bearings.